About Lys


I’m Lys.

I live in Boston with Roo, and our two cats, Evil Monkey and Stinkee.

I love hip hop yoga, sleeping in on rainy days, and live for making my family laugh.

I have no sense of self-preservation, am a terrible liar and have no fashion sense.

Like, what am I wearing? That scarf with that top? Am I the French version of the Hamburglar?

Why am I holding my friend’s dog in a choke hold?

And, Hello Kitty band-aid.  On my forehead. Apparently Nelly and I have the same stylist.

I love hearing from you and rarely go anywhere without my iPhone. Feel free to tweet me @lysriley to say ‘hi.’Or, you know, talk about how you also love Hello Kitty band-aids.

10 thoughts on “About Lys

  1. Hello,

    As you may, or may not be aware, I included your post on cookign playlists on my Vegan MoFo 2011 Roundup. Here: http://wingedsnail99.blogspot.ca/2011/12/cooking-from-veganmofo-2011.html

    I have been slowly cooking my way through those posts. I was thinking of making the process into a zine for release right before MoFo 2012.

    I was thinking I would include the original recipe/write-up on one page and the opposite page would be my response, my changes, my experience with the recipe. I would like your permission to do this. Or if you prefer you could write up a new zine page about the post which would be cool as well.


    Sarah E. Hoffman


    • Hey Sarah, sorry for the late reply but I’ve been out of the country without any internet access for the past two weeks! Anyway, thanks for contacting me about your zine release. No prob about talking about the post (thanks for mentioning it!). I would love to write something up, if there is space….let me know! If I don’t hear from you, I’ll try stalking you via email. 🙂 Take care!

    • Glad to hear someone else loves LL! Although I must say, after last season of Parks & Rec, Leslie Knope is pretty amazing. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Ahh! Yes! Not to keep harping on this, but I totally went to team Parks & Rec last year. While I love 30 Rock, it got a little stale and didn’t include Ron Swanson. OK. Now I’m rambling. Carry on.

      • If I could create a posse of friends that would always have my back, Ron Swanson would be in it. Also, him and Samuel L. Jackson would have a relationship much like Zach Braff and Donald Faison. It takes “Eagle” to a whole other level.

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