Yogurt Cake with Lemon and Blueberries

Every morning I walk into the kitchen, turn on NPR, sit at the table and open my laptop. I check my email, Facebook and Twitter.  I scroll through updates/tweets from hours prior, often wondering if other people go through the same ‘ritual’ everyday.

“When you check your Facebook, do you keep scrolling until you see something you remember from the day before?” I asked Roo, as he walked into the kitchen.

He stopped and scratched his chest, his eyes bleary from just waking up. “That’s exactly what I do.”

“I thought I was the only one.”

“It’s the most efficient way to do it.”

“And do you hate yourself for technically wasting all that time?”

Roo laughed, “No, it’s the most efficient way to catch up on the ‘News.'”

I got up from the kitchen table and walked over to the Keurig. “And is that typically it?” I asked, flipping the switch on.

“Well, I check Fantasy Baseball and my email too.”

“And wait for me to make the coffee,” I joked.

“If by ‘making the coffee’ you mean, pushing a button, then yes,” he replied, as he removed the saran wrap from the yogurt cake on the counter.

I pointed at the slice he was about to pop into his mouth. “And make you breakfast cake?” I said.

“I believe this appeared on the counter overnight. It could have been Monkey who made this.”

“Yes, our evil cat has developed a sudden penchant for lemon, blueberries and baking.”

“Correction, our evil genius of a cat.”


This cake is light, delicate and moist. Almost spongelike in quality, I love having this as a light breakfast with a cup of iced coffee (yes, made by pushing a button). Chock full of sweet blueberries and bright lemon zest, it’s a welcomed start to my workday.

Adapted from Lemon Yogurt Cake with Blueberries

Makes One 9″ Cake


A large mixing bowl

A whisk

A medium sized mixing bowl

A spatula

A 9″ springform cake pan, buttered and floured or lined with parchment paper

A cooling rack (or large plate if you don’t have one)



3 tablespoons ground flax seed and half a cup of water plus 1 tablespoon, mixed and set aside

Half a cup of plain yogurt (I used soy, full fat. I wouldn’t recommend coconut milk or light yogurt.)

1 cup granulated sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Half cup mild tasting olive oil


One and a half cups whole wheat pastry flour (you can use all purpose)

2 tsp baking powder

Quarter teaspoon fine sea salt

Zest from 2 lemons

1 heaping cup blueberries (frozen or fresh, but not thawed)

Place your oven rack to the middle position and preheat your oven to 350F.

Add the flour, baking powder, fine sea salt and zest to the medium sized mixing bowl.  Whisk till combined.

Add the yogurt, sugar and flax seed mixture to the large sized mixing bowl. Mix till well combined.  Add the oil and mix till well combined. *At first it’ll look like an oily mess, but keep going, it’ll come together.

Add the dry ingredients to the wet, mixing till just combined.  Then, with a spatula, scrape down the sides and back up the bowl, making sure that all the ingredients are incorporated (but not over mixed as that can happen easily with a whisk/stand mixer).

Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan.  Scatter the blueberries over the top of the cake, making sure that the berries are evenly distributed.

Bake the cake for 30 – 40 minutes or until a cake tester (like a toothpick) comes out clean.  Try not to over bake this cake.

Allow the cake to cool for about twenty minutes, then turn out onto a cooling rack (or plate if you don’t have one).  Allow the cake to cool to room temperature prior to slicing.

10 thoughts on “Yogurt Cake with Lemon and Blueberries

    • Yay! I hope you like it! When mine was done the edges were slightly pulled away from the pan. It takes about 35 minutes in my little, super hot oven, so hopefully it’ll be the same for you. Let me know how it is! I really love the sponginess of it, and of course, the blueberries. 🙂

  1. This looks so amazing! I love blueberries and lemons together, so I’m sure it’s delicious. Putting this on the list of things to try! 🙂

    • That’s great! I really love this spongy, moist cake. It has a hint of lemon and bursting with blueberries. We just ran out two days ago and I’ve been in mourning! Please let me know how it goes. I hope you like it. And thanks for reading!

    • I think one of my best childhood memories was when my mother took me to high tea for my birthday. It was the first time I realized how wonderful tea and cake are. It’s also where my obsession with sponge cake, strawberries and whipped cream began.

      Good to hear from you! Hope you’re well. 🙂

    • I can’t go a day without checking my email, Facebook and Twitter. Now that I’ve typed that, I feel like I need internet-rehab! 🙂

      Blueberries are one of my favorite things about summer. And I love throwing them into whatever I can, whether it’s breakfast or dessert!

      Thanks for reading!

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