The Stone Fence: Bourbon With An Apple Cider Reduction

I’m a bit nervous about making the trek down to Scituate this weekend as it’s the first Christmas I’ll be spending with Roo’s family.  And, like all events I go to, my skin in typical fashion has a boulder-like spot; right on my chin.

I love how my face is always happy make a great impression whenever I try to leave my apartment.

Hoping to make up for it with heavy eye makeup (black eyeliner and I are besties), I know that at least I’ll have The Stone Fence to “wall me off” from any awkward situation.

Why did we miss Christmas mass? Sip from The Stone Fence.

Have I applied to grad school yet? My drink needs more ice.

Who gave lavender hand soap as a stocking stuffer? I think this drink would look pretty with some zest in it. Where’s the microplane?

Did I just greet Roo by slapping his butt because we only communicate by sexual harassment? I need another refill.

All kidding aside, while this isn’t your standard “Stone Fence,” I love that the apple cider reduction pairs well with bright citrus notes from the lemon and the sweet, almost earthy maple syrup.  And bourbon being a naturally sweeter liquor (more so than an Irish whiskey, in my opinion) it just sings (sings!) in this cocktail.

I honestly hope that I don’t offend anyone on Christmas, but if anything, I’ll at least have a tasty drink to sip from if it gets awkward.

Wish me luck!

Adapted from Sassy Radish

Makes Two Drinks (this recipe can be easily doubled, tripled, etc.)


1 cup apple cider

Quarter cup to one third cup of bourbon, depending on how strong you want it (I used Crown Royal)

Two and a half tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

4 teaspoons of maple syrup

Half cup of seltzer

6 ice cubes


A small pot

A small bowl (that can hold near boiling liquid)/pyrex measuring cup (something to hold your reduced apple cider in as it cools in an ice bath)

An ice bath (a medium sized mixing bowl with cold water and a few ice cubes)

A small sized mixing bowl (can hold at least two cups)

A whisk

Pour your apple cider into a small pot and place over a burner on medium high heat.  Bring the cider to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and allow it to simmer/low boil until it’s reduced in half (to a half cup).

When it’s reduced, pour into a pyrex measuring cup/small bowl and place that into your ice bath.  Allow it to cool until at room temperature (or colder).

Once the apple cider reduction is cool, add the cider, bourbon, lemon juice and maple syrup all into a small sized mixing bowl.  Whisk all the ingredients together, then divide it between two 8 ounce glasses.  Add three ice cubes to each glass.  Give each glass a splash of seltzer and serve immediately.


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