Cooking Playlist 6

I always dread going to a party.  Even though tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I’m wondering how I can get out of it, as like clockwork, a pimple just popped up on my face.

This happens every time.

First time at Roo’s family’s tree-trimming party?  Giant pimple.

Christmas at my parents’? Pimple with its own zip code.

Retreat for work? Boulder underneath my skin.

Of course one could blame it on anxiety, rationalizing that the stress leading up to the party (ie thinking of having to socialize with others, ie ie dead silence in conversation = awkward ie ie ie social death) causes me to breakout. (Did you like what I did just there? Obviously.)

No.  My skin just wants to betray me.

Let me have my delusion.

At 30 years old I can’t believe that acne is still an issue.

But guess what? It’s the eve of Thanksgiving, and seeing how everyone else is writing about what to cook for the big day, I instead give you the sixth installment of LLN Cooking Playlist.

Because that’s how I roll.

In it are songs that make me thankful…of sorts.  Some songs were those that I heard in Roo’s car, as he played them unapologetically (and making me love him even more).  Some were recommendations from dear friends, most who live abroad and make me feel like I’m at home regardless what country we’re in. While others are from the past and remind me of the fun, irresponsible times that were had in high school.  And college.  And everything else pre-grad school.

Those were the days.

What are you thankful for?


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