Cooking Playlist 5

Sometimes your day goes as planned and you get to go to your yoga class.

Sometimes after taking time off from said yoga class, you topple over in navasana becuase that “core” you were working on is no longer.

Sometimes you’re so tired when you get back from yoga, you forgot that your boyfriend was visiting his mother so there’s no one to cook for.

And sometimes, when there’s no one to cook for, all you want to eat is the leftover soba noodles and tofu in the fridge.

And half a jar of peanut butter.

This playlist is taken from the Hip Hop Yoga class I went to after work.  It was taught by Erica Bornstein who is probably the best kept secret in Boston.  She’s incredibly genuine (I don’t think I’ve ever seen the girl without a smile on her face) and a fantastic instructor with a love for working on core.  I always feel lucky when I’m able to snag a spot to roll out my mat.

While I know this is not originally a “cooking playlist,” I feel it serves the same purpose: fun music to get you out of your head, allowing you to enjoy the experience.  So, stop thinking about whether you paid for cable, the laundry you may have to do or if you remembered to feed the cat!  Start playing some music and get going!  (But feed the cat first.  Seriously.)

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