Cooking Playlist 4

This week has been absolutely gorgeous.  Temps have in the sixties consistently; something that doesn’t normally happen in Boston mid-November.  While it’s been warm out, the light has been less and less as we slowly approach Thanksgiving.  The trees around the city (which our area, New England, is known for) look like they’ve been set on fire, as their leaves are screaming colors of copper and gold.  Yes, screaming.  Sure.

I am absolutely in love with fall.  I can’t get enough of the leaves crunching underneath my feet, the abundance of honeycrisp apples at the farmers market, and any excuse to turn on the oven to roast loads of veg, which conveniently keeps our little apartment warm.  As I sit here typing this with a hot toddy toddy to my right, and maybe with an overpriced pair of moccasins (yes, I totally bought them even though I have holes in my sneakers.  Girl has to prioritize.) on, it makes me truly appreciate that Roo and I can live where we live, with our two crazy cats and oven that likes to set itself on fire when I ask it to broil something.

When Roo and I were driving back from his cousin’s wedding in NYC almost two weeks ago, I couldn’t help but reflect on how happy Boston makes me.  NYC is an incredibly big city, and so, so busy.  With towers everywhere, I couldn’t help but look up and be intimidated.  The apartment complexes that house what seems like, thousands of people, and the thought of living down one of those halls with all the doors to apartments that look all the same….I knew that a triple decker house was enough for me.  And I’m especially thankful that our downstairs neighbor is a ninety eight year old man who is very quiet and hard of hearing.  The latter I take full advantage of as I usually blast my iHome when I cook.

Speaking of which, this week’s playlist has a lot to do with that car ride home.  Roo and I listened to both of our iPods, switching it up when the owner of said playlist got sick of an artist they were hearing the 1000th time.  And you know what?  I loved that we both had a lot in common, yet most we were asking each other who the artist was.  And some, well some may have stigma as being too emo, cliche, whatever, but I loved it.  I loved that car ride in which we talked about everything for over four hours and listened to some amazing music.

Hopefully this will inspire you to make something delicious, as you look out your window and appreciate the beauty of fall.  This season truly brings some amazing produce, as a last hurrah before winter’s blight.

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