Cooking Playlist 3

This past weekend Roo and I went to his cousin’s wedding on the Upper East Side of NYC.  To say it was held at a spectacular venue is an understatement.  Roo could not stop making jokes about us being in Hogwarts.  No really, the place. is. insane. Like, where’s the owlery?

The whole day was a whirlwind of constantly looking up, being in awe of the intricate stone work, and tugging uncomfortably at my off-the-rack black dress as I walked by girls in Manolos and Prada.  Sometimes I wish I could go in my leggings and apron everywhere.  What? The apron is from Etsy.  Respect.

I promised Roo I wouldn’t write about the food, but I did take notes during the reception.  On what?  The music of course, as I loved the variety of good ol’ songs that were being played throughout the night.  What gets people moving on the dance floor?  Oldies.  Fact.

Who carries around a notepad and pen around with them at a wedding?  This girl.  Notepads are so the next, “bringing a camera” to a wedding.  We’re getting old fashioned in these parts.  And by parts, I mean it was stuffed in my coat pocket along with my Burts Bees and three hair elastics, because that’s how I roll.

And being one with lack of rhythm, I greatly appreciated tunes like “The Twist,” and “Sweet Caroline,” as all I had to do was shuffle my feet around or raise my hands in the air, singing along.  That, and an open bar helped.  Ok, the latter helped a lot.

Hopefully you can move around in your kitchen, absolutely uninhibited, as no one will be watching you “shuffle” and prep veg at the same time.  Well, at least that’s what I thought when I listened to this when making dinner tonight.  I’m 99% sure I heard Roo snicker as I started singing along to “Like A Prayer.”  But really, who doesn’t like, “Like A Prayer?”  Oh that’s right, communists.

*A BIG shout out to WordPress Tips who helped me figure out what I was doing wrong with embedding the You Tube player.  If you have any questions about WordPress, I highly suggest going over there!*

You can also listen to the playlist here.

2 thoughts on “Cooking Playlist 3

    • Haha I know! Absolutely gorgeous and intimidating at the same time. The only thing that freaked me out was when we were walking by a classroom to get from the chapel to the reception hall, and there were all these photos of mothers and daughters; mothers clawing into the shoulders of their daughters, eyes wide eyed and crazed, saying, “YES! WE’RE IN!” It made me walk much faster. Much, much faster. 🙂

      Thanks for reading! And I hope your little babe is letting you rest.

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