September 12th

As of late I’ve been trapped in a ‘moment of pause;’  what I can only describe as a tar-pit of writer’s block. Ideas about what I should write, what recipes I should share, has kept me up at night. Well, keeping me up in that I wake up around 3 a.m., with a supposedly great idea, only to have it leave me when it’s actually time to sit in front of my laptop.

It’s annoying.

And with this past weekend being the tenth anniversary of September 11, I was especially “stuck.”

So I waited.

I waited to see what others would write about.  Most wrote where they were when it happened.  Some wrote how they were personally affected: loved ones lost, friends of friends who were lost and those who were lucky to not lose anyone.  One wrote how because of September 11th, she met her now husband.

I especially loved that piece, because after all the sadness, anger, basically experiencing almost all the emotions one can feel on that day, she was able to talk about something so positive.

It was a piece that got me off my couch, and back into the kitchen; to our banged up, wobbly oak table.   It’s where I go to sit, watch the squirrels hop on and off our back porch, and write.

I became inspired to write about those who I have in my life and am so thankful that they’re still with me.  If I can get my act together, I hope to have one friend written about for each day this week.

While I respect that each person spends September 11th differently, each on an individual basis, (eg whether remembering those that they lost, reflecting on their own life and how we are all fragile creatures) I hope that others respect that I’d like to spend my week being thankful.

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