One Ingredient Ice Cream (Banana Soft Serve)

I didn’t believe it when I read it, but it’s true.  You can make ice cream with just one ingredient, and without an ice cream maker.  All you need is an open mind, a food processor and bananas.

When I come home from work, right before I start cooking dinner, I like to take a few minutes to check up on any of my favorite cooking websites, and The Kitchn is one that I check daily.  A few months ago I read that you can make ice cream from just frozen bananas.  I immediately got up from the couch, cut up some ripe bananas we had on the kitchen table that I was saving for banana bread, and threw them in the freezer.  A little grumpy that I had to wait a day to use them, I went on my usual routine of cooking dinner (I may or may not have overcooked the chicken), but basically forgot about them until a week later.

I am so thankful I remembered.

What came out after a few rounds in the food processor was a smooth and creamy, practically guilt free, lovely banana soft serve.  I say practically because Roo and I ooo-ed and aaah-ed as I topped it with cookie dough balls.

No one said we were perfect.

Recipe from The Kitchn

Serves Two People


Two bananas


Food processor

A spatula

A ziploc bag or a plate, or whatever you can store the bananas on in the freezer

Peel the bananas and then cut them into small pieces.  Throw them into a ziploc bag and into the freezer until frozen.  Our freezer is the saddest piece of electric equipment known to man.  I leave them in overnight just to make sure they truly freeze all the way through.

When the bananas are frozen, throw them into a food processor.

Pulse, stopping periodically to scrape down the sides if chunks stick.

When they just smooth out, stop, and serve.

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