A Different Kind of Smoothie

Tonight Roo and I did something daring.

Did we watch the new Harry Potter movie with risk of being spotted by Roo’s students?

Wash our clothes in the same laundromat that the neighborhood guy walks into, with plastic bags on his feet?

Try to groom Stinky when she least suspects it?

No to all of those.

What we did was drink our greens.

And it was delicious.

Before I completely lose you, (because it took some convincing for myself to do it), your smoothie will not, I repeat, NOT taste like a bag of lawn clippings. It’s honestly undetectable. All you need is a really good blender, a couple of ingredients (your berries don’t even have to be fresh, I love frozen fruit for sheer convenience) and a really good poker face when you hand it over to your partner. Or in my case, not look at Roo until I asked him how the smoothie was.

What’s the advantage of drinking your greens? In our case, it was mostly to use up the seemingly endless supply of greens stacked up in our fridge from our CSA. Also, cooking greens does cause it to lose some of its “superfood” quality, especially when you boil them (eg collard greens) and then drain that water away (all the nutrients have leached out into that water). By eating it raw, we get everything that mother nature intended.

If you don’t have spinach, feel free to try something else. This is your smoothie. If you have baby spinach, it’s actually the most commonly use “green” to use since it’s widely available and easiest to blend.  It also is even more mild tasting than (regular) spinach.

Please don’t judge our flooring, we’re renters.

Serves two generously


Eight ice cubes (the blocky ones from a tray)

Two handfuls of frozen strawberries

Two handfuls of frozen raspberries

Two handfuls of frozen blueberries

Two bananas, broken up with your hands

Juice from two lemons (I don’t like super sweet smoothies)

Quarter to 1 cup of apple juice (we’re down to a quarter cup, really enjoying the not too sweet taste of the fruit, but it’s your smoothie, you can add more as you taste and blend)

Leaves from spinach (about a handful), washed and water shaken out (it doesn’t need to be bone dry)


A powerful blender

Add ice cubes to the bottom of the blender. Then add the bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and then greens. Squeeze the juice of two lemons over the ingredients. Add the apple juice. Blend. The smoothie will be quite thick (we love drinking them with straws, oooooh, novelty!) but delicious.

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